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Amanda provides Social Media Management , VA Support and small business mentoring. She's a sharer of awesome although sometimes geeky content. Coffee and gin lover, although not together, she feels the World can be brought together for social good and all problems can be resolved over enough coffee and cake together. These are her general musing...s some business, some not. More
Amanda Ryan

Mental Health for Freelancers



From the outside a lot of people may perceive me as having a dream job, I get to choose my own hours, can go on holiday when I like and could even travel the World taking my work with me, I can work in my PJs if I like; and I don’t have a boss telling me what to do. 

However, being a freelancer has its rough times, and this can build up leading to a damaging effect on your mental health. 

I thought airing some of these challenges (all of which I have gone through) out could help others either freelancing or thinking of going freelance to prepare, or feel they are not alone. 


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Amanda Ryan

Gift Guide For The Freelancer In Your Life 2017

Are you the friend or partner to a Freelancer and wonder what to treat them to for Christmas? Well hopefully my guide will send some ideas your way. I may have just wrote out my own Christmas wish list but I'm really sure others would be happy to receive them too. 

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Amanda Ryan

10 Blog Ideas For When You're Drawing A Blank


1. How To Guide. Quite simply write a step by step guide to solve a problem your reader may have. This could be writing the perfect post, using Canva, organising their kitchen cupboards or building a house; the choice is endless. 

2. Commentary. Pick a recent news story or article to give your opinion on, link back to the article. Keep any criticism fact based and pleasant as you wouldn't like to start an online spat, would you!

3. Photography. Not all blogs have to be word based, a series of photographs can tell a story just as well. A photo essay such as my day in cups of tea, a photo every hour or my work space can give a wonderful insight into your working day.

4. FAQ(frequently asked questions). If you find you get asked the same things over and over again consider having a FAQ blog post, if you get asked again you can share the link(and the rest of your site) with the reader.

5. A List. Well just like this, you can make a list of helpful points, it could be anything relevant to your industry. So top 5 vegetables to grow in November, 10 networking tips(coming soon) or top 7 beauty products. 

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Amanda Ryan

Amanda Ryan - Social Elf


Hello There!

I thought I'd take some time to introduce myself and flesh out that About Section. It's here that I'm supposed to give you a huge list of credentials, all the various qualifications I have and huge brands I've worked with; but lets not be fanciful I haven't got those things. So why should you hire me? 

What I can tell you is I know what I'm talking about when it comes to social media, marketing small creative businesses,and working on a project you've put your heart and soul into. Under no circumstances would I call myself a social media expert, the scope of marketing online is ever changing, and in the realms of the internet everyday is a school day. However what I am, is a constant learner and digital user, finding the best solutions for my clients to put them ahead of the crowd. 

I Want You To Grow

I've worked for several years in public facing industries learning what makes customers buy, how they interact with products and marketing, as well as growing my own small business. I love working with clients as they develop their brand, and help them grow their business online.

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Amanda Ryan

That Horrible First Blog Post


You’ve finally done it, you’ve setup your website and heard everyone say you need to have a blog on it, or you have amazing information you want to share through an online blogging platform; friends that have done it say it’s easy. Everyone says it’s easy, you just type a nice story, add a photo or 2 and boom instant internet fame, SEO gold or customers begging to buy from you.

However, first you’re confronted with that blank page; worse still a blank title.


At this point you turn to the internet for inspiration, you pick the most well known blogger in your field and go through all their old posts, and start clicking through to random links of holiday destinations instead that you saw in the sidebar. 3 hours later you tell yourself it’s inspired you, when actually it’s left you terrified that you can’t do anywhere near as well. You look at your blank title and think, I’ll try it again tomorrow. You’ll probably leave it at least a month.


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